Frequently Asked Questions (English)

If you are looking for a consistent profit in Forex trading for long term without any fees, our trading system is a proven method with high accuracy profit rate. All our trade signals are instantly copied to your MT4 using a simple trade copier EA. Yes, all of these services are FREE, you don't need to pay us anything!

a2xmForex signals is 100% free when you open your trading account with our partner broker. We do not charge any service fees and you also keep 100% all your trading profits! Read more here.

The Forex market has a high risk, but also high reward. We do not guarantee that you will not lose money. However, we welcome you to view our performances and make your own judgement. We've profited every month since the beginning of our accounts, taking carefully selected trades using our own technics and strategies.
Beside of that, your trading accounts are safe because:

  • Account in your own name

  • Complete control of your funds. Only you can deposit & withdraw the funds

  • We do not have access to your funds

  • Copy all our trades in real time instantly to your MT4

  • Complete control of your lot size

  • Complete control of your stop loss

a2xmForex trades Forex manually using Swing Price Action technical analysis on higher time-frames. We do not use robot or automated trading.

We trades Forex on Asia session, Europe session, and early US session. It is from 01:00 am - 16:00 pm GMT/UTC = 08:00 - 23:00 WIB (GMT+7).

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FXPRIMUS is our prefered and highly recommended broker. They are very credible and honest broker. (Read The Safety Fact Sheet and The Company's Fact Sheet)

Why FXPRIMUS is The Safest Place to Trade Video

Their advantages are:

  • The Safest Place to Trade
  • FREE Client Fund Coverage on up to 2.5 million EUR
  • 3rd Party Monitoring for Clients Withdrawals by Boudica Trust
  • Fund Safety, Licensed & Regulated
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Fully Audited
  • Most Trusted Broker Award
Trade Copier EA

On your MT4 click menu File > Open Data Folder.

Trade Copier EA

Double click the MQL4 folder.

Trade Copier EA

Double click Experts folder.

Trade Copier EA

Copy the SignalClient.ex4 file to the Experts folder. Then close the File Manager window.

Trade Copier EA

On the Navigator of your MT4, right click the Expert Advisors and select Refresh.

Trade Copier EA

Click the + sign in front of the Expert Advisors. Make sure the SignalClient trade copier EA is on place. Double click it to attach the EA on a chart (1 chart only). Be ready to enter the given password.

Trade Copier EA

The Password field. We will give you the password based on your account number.

Trade Copier EA

To make the chart on the background of the SignalClient EA, uncheck Foreground Chart to disable it.

Trade Copier EA

The SignalClient trade copier EA attached to a chart and ready to receive the signals from the Master.

Trade Copier EA

Click the smiley icon to open the properties.

Trade Copier EA

The Money Management field. Recommended setting is Proportionally (1:1), means adjusted according your balance.

Trade Copier EA

Lot Size Limit is the maximum lot size you would allow in a trade.

Trade Copier EA

Stop Out is the maximum loss you would allow in percentage from your balance.

Trade Copier EA

Max Deviation from the Master price is the maximum price different in pip from the Master's price you would still allow to copy the trade.

Yes, we do accept Forex trading account management. Here are the requirements:

There is monthly sharing profit for managing your trading account. If there are no profit at all on any given month, we will not share anything. We do not charge any other fees.

For equity $5000 - $10,000 the share is 50% - 50%.
For equity $10,000 - $30,000 the share is 40% - 60%.
For equity $30,000 and above the share is 30% - 70%.

Trades using my partner (recommended) broker only.